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About Me

My name is Staci Smith, and I live in Nashville, TN.  I am a kindergarten teacher and a dog mom to my German shepherd, Logan.  I’d like to share with you my fitness journey.

I began working out in college, and discovered that I loved it! Fitness is a habit that I’ve incorporated over the years.  After graduating from college and beginning my career as a teacher, I felt exhausted at the end of the day, even though I was doing something I felt called to do. I had not made the connection between my love of working out,  nutrition and staying hydrated. I knew I had to make a change.  Making that change was the key to having energy even after the end of the  day of teaching five and six year olds.

Yoga is another facet of my fitness which involves both the mind and the body.  It has had a profound impact on my life as it has allowed me to endure what I could not change and to change what should not be endured. It gives me great peace and joy to practice it daily whether it be for 15 or 100 minutes.

Inhale and exhale.